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    Product introduction:
    Human (hiding in vehicles) presence detection system is a vehicle security inspection system that detects human beings by sensing the subtle vibrations of heartbeat hiding in vehicles or containers that are loaded on vehicles.

    Human (hiding in vehicles) presence detection system will calculate and acquire the sensor data by the processor via its built-in algorithm , and the back-end data analysis system will process and analysis the small regular vibration and environmental micro vibration which is transmitted to vehicle by the detection of human being heartbeats via sensors. Based on this vibration analysis technology, the core processing host computer determines whether there are people inside the vehicle through the core algorithm, to maximum ensure the effect of anti-escape detection.

    Product composition:
    The system is composed of sensors, host computer, signal acquisition module, touch-screen display, control cables and data cables etc.

    When detecting, place the vehicle sensors evenly on the four corners of inspected vehicles. The correct placement direction is as follows: Lead out the cable to close to the surface first; and then for the mounting above the surface, use the bottom magnet to absorb the surface, while or the mounting under the surface, use the above magnet to absorb the surface. Besides the ground sensor is put on the ground near the vehicles to filter out the environmental interference. When operating the inspection program, the system would analyze the transferred vibration wave by sensors, display the test result and provide audible and visual alert etc.

    Product work principle:
    Human heartbeat would accelerate the impacts of blood on human head and feet. The impact would have a certain strength on the vehicle and then be conducted to the whole vehicle body. The sensors could detect the subtle vibration conducted to the vehicle body and its suspension.

    Product benefits:
    Maximum efficiency
    Able to inspect all vehicles including passage cars, cabinet or box trucks etc. within seconds, and with no need to open the door and unloading cargos.
    Easy installation
    With integrated design, no need of wiring, it has retractable reel and slip-ring assembly, which is ideal for indoor and outdoor use.
    High reliability
    Adopting advanced vibration sensing technology to rapidly detect the human beings hiding in vehicles, to provide accurate results in a variety of environmental conditions, including dry, dusty, wet, and hot or cold environments
    High accuracy:
    Lower false alarm rates, with the ground sensor that filter out the environmental vibrations for more precise results
    With self-check function
    When the system boot, it would inspect all the components. Any failure, it would automatically prompt the failure point.
    With vehicle information recording function
    It would record the information like vehicle mode, vehicle name, license plate number, driver name, numbers of passengers, causes of entry and leaving, vehicle departure place, vehicle leaving purpose, remarks and choice of sensitivity etc.
    With dual alert function
    In monitor center, the software interface would display the alert; when vehicle passing by, the LCD touch-screen display would provide audible and visual pass/fail alert. The alert information could be transferred to other devices by switching value.

    Product specifications:



    Host computer

    Processor:       Intel Quad-Core, 2GHz industrial grade

    RAM:           DDRII  8GB

    Hard disk:        500GB

    Interface:         USB2.0

    Serial port:        D-sub9 needles

    Parallel port:      D-sub25 needles

    Ethernet interface:  10M/100M RJ45

    Power supply:      AC 220V

    System:           Windows7

    Temperature:      -20℃~+60℃

    Humidity:         10%~90%RH

    IP grade:          IP65

    Display:          Display size is customizable


    Frequency range:    0.8Hz~20Hz

    Sensitivity:         10.0V/m/s

    Detection time :      10-60s

    Detection capability:  20m2/sensor

    Signal output:        analog signal

    IP grade:             IP65

    Mounting way:       horizontal

    Working temperature:  -30℃~70℃

    Data transmission system

    Heavy steel construction

    NEMA 4 and NEMA 12 rated

    NEMA4: rain-proof/dust proof/ corrosion resistance(indoor/outdoor)

    NEMA12:Anti-corrosion and drip-proof(indoor)

    Retractable cable reel and slip-ring assembly

    Cable pre-assembled to reel

    Special data connection cable

    Specification: diameter 6mm[(28/0.10mmoxygen-free copper +2/1#)*2C+AL+ 96 mesh/0.10mmoxygen-free copper]

    Executive standard:      Q/QYY02-2014

    Special control cabinet

    Power:                  Single phase 220V 50Hz


    It is widely applied in border crossings, seaports, and entries to high-security sites such as correctional institutions, embassies, military and civilian buildings and other critical buildings and assets to prevent escape and against any breaches.

    Configuration list:

    Microseisms-human presence detection system






    Industrial control computer








    Analysis software




    Special sensors




    Data transmission system( including special data transmission cable)




    User manual




    QC certificate



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